Please note: If you’ve reached this page because of a missed call, or some cryptic sounding voice-mail message, (i.e. you Googled our 604-444-6655 number) please be assured that we didn’t try to contact you. Some con artist is spoofing our telephone number, and robo-calling hundreds of people, attempting to defraud them with the CRA scam.

We have already contacted the Burnaby RCMP as well as our telephone service provider, and both have told us there’s nothing they can do.

However, if you get another call from someone pretending to be from CRA, please press *57 on your phone which will flag the call as harassment. Hopefully, if enough people flag these calls, the phone company will be able to figure out where they’re coming from, and stop them.


Alison Osborne, Communication Strategist
: 604-444-6675
: alisonosborneca

Kevin Fukawa, Technology Strategist
: 604-444-6655
: kevinfukawa

: Monkey Hill Health Communications Inc.
7934 Woodhurst Drive
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