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Monkey Hill Health Communications is a boutique health communications and knowledge translation firm. We specialize in helping clients use web-based technologies to communicate more effectively.

What we do

Monkey Hill brings together the worlds of digital technology, health communication and knowledge translation. Our “Strategy First” approach, coupled with our knowledge of web and other online tools, can help ensure you‘re reaching out to the right people, through the right platform, with the right message. We offer:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Development
  • Support
  • Communications Strategy & Services
  • Knowledge Translation

Our services

How we work

Because we‘re small, our clients always deal with us directly. Because we collaborate regularly with other reputable service providers, we can easily scale up to meet larger needs. Depending on the job, we can provide:

  • Comprehensive services

    Leading a process that ensures all aspects of your online project are managed creatively and thoughtfully, from strategy to launch.

  • Specialist skills

    Plugging in to teams or initiatives that require special expertise in digital technology, health communication or knowledge translation.

  • Ongoing support

    Helping you maintain your website and keep your online communities growing post-launch.

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